Nelson Camilo Sánchez is a research coordinator of the Center for the Study of Law, Justice, and Society -Dejusticia– and associate professor at the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” in Bogota. He holds a J.D and SJD from the “Universidad Nacional de Colombia” and an LL.M in International Legal Studies from Harvard Law School. During 2004-2005 he received the “Rómulo Gallegos” scholarship from the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (Washington D.C.). His research focuses on transitional justice, human rights, armed conflict, social justice, development and economic, social and cultural rights, and has done a close follow up of the peace talks with special focus on land restitution.

His recent publications include “Transitional and Constitutional justice” ; “Justice to Achieve Peace: Heinous crimes, the Right to Negotiated Peace and Justice” (coauthored with Uprimny R. And Sánchez L.); “Corporate Accountability, Reparations, and Distributive Justice in Post-Conflict Societies” (In “Corporate Accountability in the Context of Transitional Justice,” edited by Michalowski S.); “Return within the Bounds of the Pinheiro Principles: The Colombian Land Restitution Experience” (Washington University Global Studies Law Review – coauthored with Attanasio D); “Transitional Justice without Transition? The Colombian Experience in the Implementation of Transition Measures” (In “Contribution of Truth, Justice, and Reparation Policies to Latin American Democracies”, San José: Inter-American Institute of Human Rights); “Holding businesses to account in Latin America”; “ESCR Start to Catch Up” and “Post-conflict in Colombia (18) Amnesty and pardon in the peace process”.