Mette Lindorf Nielsen has been a DFID adviser for 8 years, specialising in security and justice with a particular focus on conflict-affected and post-conflict environments.  As a Senior Security & Justice Adviser working for the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit from 2010 to 2016, she advised on security and justice issues in over 10 conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan, Burma, Kenya, Nigeria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen. Mette is currently based in Nepal as a Peace, Security & Justice Adviser leading DFID’s engagement on the peace process and transitional justice as well as the implementation of a £45m programme aimed at improving access to security and justice for the poor and most marginalised, especially women and girls. She takes a particular interest in how non-state mechanisms can contribute to conflict resolution, peacebuilding and access to justice and how they interact with state justice systems. She reflects on her experience of advising the Government of Afghanistan during her time there from 2009 to 2010 on the development a policy for the relationship between state and non-state justice actors here. In Nepal, she is interested in the intersection of politics and justice as it plays out with respect to the transitional justice process and how to promote a TJ process that facilitates reconciliation as well as justice. Mette’s LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.